Five Photo Friday (playtime and seasons)

“As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease.” – Genesis 8:22

IMG_4124I want to begin by pointing out that I am not any kind of a coach. I tried it once with a bunch of seven-year-old boys back when Andrew was more interested in the bugs crawling on the field, or the airplanes in the sky, than soccer. It did not work!

But I do have a trained eye for what makes a good athlete or – more importantly – a great game player. And I have to tell you my grandkids in Miami absolutely have it.

Anyway, Rebekah and I sent along a “stuck at home from school” care package. First, the surprisingly fun and useful mini pool for the back patio. It has provided welcome fun and relief from the monotony and the heat. Then – and this is the “spot an athlete” part – we sent a game of Cornhole. That’s right, kids can stay glued to tossing beanbags into a hole for literally hours. Me too, by the way; I was the unofficial Cornhole champ at church camp last year and I dare anyone to challenge my ascendency!

Our daughter Naomi caught these two pictures of the kids in action. Look at that form! I’m not sure how it ranks in the coordination department, but both David and Beks tick off the most important factors, and those are fun and commitment.

I believe having fun is the critical element for playing games. And if having your leg cocked at an acute angle helps with the concentration, so much the better.

IMG_E9644The other two photos from Five-Photo-Friday are from home. First, I was walking back from delivering food next door when I noticed how much green had attached itself to the trees in the past few weeks. It made me realize that, despite the 35-degrees we woke up to, we will be marching through Spring and right into Summer without more than a few weeks hesitation. I may not be ready for summer, but I am certainly ready for the metaphorical idea of “a new season.”

Then, creative COVID-19 season food preparation. We are not wasting anything and sometimes lunch means whatever is on hand.

So the fifth photo is a mixed baby-greens salad with walnuts, feta, Caesar dressing, crabmeat and oysters. Yes, oysters on a salad. And, yes, it was delicious.

So my Five-Photo-Friday message is simply this: learn from our grandchildren and have some fun. Also, keep your eyes wide open and see the beauty and the joy that is alll around us. Then give thanks.

In gratitude for this good life – DEREK

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