Vacation Day One (someone’s in the kitchen with Derek…)

IMG_E0051So our vacation this year is a little different. We were going to a conference center in upstate New York; we were going to Miami; we had even decided to send Rebekah to Germany. But everything has been cancelled.

Typically, when we travel I post photos and stories from everywhere we go. And, if you are nostalgic for some of those highlights, I’ll link samples of few of my favorites (Germany, Prague, Italy, Holy Lands, Appalachia, Bermuda, Caribbean… ) at the end of this post.

So even though we are stuck here at home, the idea is to highlight something “vacation-ish” every day. Our plan is to do something special or at least a little different as often as we can.

Monday we went shopping. I know that doesn’t sound exotic, but going to the grocery store together usually only happens when we travel, so we drove all the way into the Raleigh Wegmans because there were a few specialty items we needed. It was fun.

Then we cooked dinner together. Again, not something we typically do. Rebekah made some of her famous biscuits, then she fried up some breaded okra and squash while I prepared the meat and the rice.

Here’s the funny thing: Rebekah cooks like she does everything else: full throttle, no compromise, nothing held back. Let’s just say that when she finished, this kitchen knew it had been cooked in! Why use one mixing bowl when you can mess up five? Why limit yourself to the counter when you can cover the floor in flour too?

perfect summer plate

The result was wonderful. A classic summery vacation meal featuring pork tenderloin, rice cooked with celery, lightly fried okra and squash, sliced tomatoes, and perfect biscuits.

And, we’re off. Stay tuned, I hope to have something to share every day.


Here are a few travel look-backs. Just glimpses, as each trip likely has a dozen or more posts….

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