Reflections (and some additional photographs) from our brief holiday

New Bern, North Carolina

If you have followed any of our vacations in the past, then you already know I tend to post iPhone images while we’re away and then share the more serious – and artful – Nikon DSLR photographs once we return home.

So now we are home. Still on vacation (through Sunday), but back in Wake Forest. I took many less pictures than anticipated, mostly because the overwhelming heat sucked the energy out of my usual “unfettered paparazzi” approach.

I enjoy the entire process of photography: keeping my eyes open for anything interesting, stopping, looking for the best angle and the ideal light, then framing out a great image (it drives Rebekah crazy sometimes!). But the heat put a damper on all that and made the camera feel like it weighed a ton!

Rebekah watching the waves

But I did snag at least a small collection of really great images for your viewing pleasure. You can:

  • See the entire six-photo sequence of the seagull in flight at the beach,
  • Enjoy a series of ocean images that – hopefully – capture something of the color and the movement of the waves, and…
  • View a few additional photographs from the picturesque New Bern street where our B&B was located.
Rebekah heading back from the beach at Emerald Isle

This has been, as we have already discussed, an unusual vacation for us. Of course, we understand we are not alone in this, as pretty much everyone we know has had plans upended due to the current health crisis. But Rebekah has been in dire need of some kind of a break and we are doing our very best to make this special.

So stay tuned for more from our short but effective attempt to refresh and recalibrate. And – for today – enjoy these photographs from the past 48 hours. Click on the first image, then run through them all like a slide show:

In love, and because of love – DEREK


  1. So happy that you were able to get away for a few days. The photographs looked beautiful to me…love both the beach and New Bern.


  2. Mallory and Jose May be going to that area next. Should we move there too?! The phots are beautiful and it looks tempting!! 😀


  3. Those are really great shots. I have a Nicon D7800(?) and before the covid I was trying to push myself to take one to five photos a day of something. How did you get the quality to look so good?


    • I think the only trick (I have a Nikon 3000 series) is to experiment, take a lot of photos, take notes on settings, lighting etc., and learn to see differently. Photography is just another way to tell a story. I think the sunflower photos say a lot – same flowers but 50 different ways of looking.

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