A deep breath and a walk on the beach (Vacation 2020)


Early morning walk in New Bern

Monday I wanted to wake up early and take a long walk before breakfast, to make the most of the limited vacation hours. But it turns out a little extra sleep was on the agenda and by the time I got outside it was already hot (I’m not exactly sure what blue blazes look like but I wouldn’t have seen them anyway because it was hotter than that).

Emerald Isle

So we motored down to Emerald Island where we enjoyed a relaxing walk on the beach and spent the afternoon with friends.

The ocean sparkled – deep blue with hues of the island’s signature emerald-green. The water was cool and refreshing, the sky offered a deep Carolina Blue, and the temperature in the breeze by the water’s edge was a good ten-degrees or more below the oven-like conditions in New Bern.

Emerald Isle

There is something about walking the beach together, something restorative. We sat and watched the water, and we talked about some of the epic beach experiences we have shared: Pensacola, Daytona, St. Joseph’s, St. George’s, Mexico, Acadia, Eureka, Honeymoon Bay, St. Armand’s, Nequay’s Bedruthan Steps, St. David’s Head in Wales, Tongue at the northern tip of Scotland – and those are just a few.

It is just good to be together, and to be still, and to take this deep breath. We are grateful – DEREK


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