Finally, a couple of days out of town (“Bern”ing up in NC)

looking in to New Bern from our B&B

Making our Escape!

Don’t get the wrong idea, we love living in North Carolina. Our neighborhood is a picture perfect community, the church here is full with people we love dearly, and Wake Forest is home in every way. However, Rebekah and I simply had to make tracks out of town at least for a little bit.

So we accepted a friend’s kind invitation for a day at the beach and decided to book end the visit with a timely getaway to a historic Bed & Breakfast in New Bern, one of our favorite Eastern North Carolina cities.

Meadows Inn B&B

One slight glitch, however, is the heat. Or should I say THE HEAT!!!! So our plans to arrive mid afternoon and explore on foot ran into if not a wall at the very least a raging inferno.

My walking photography expedition turned into grabbing a couple of images on my phone on the way to dinner. And, having secured a room in the very heart of downtown, there was no way we were going to do anything other than walk to the restaurant. Walk slowly, less than half a mile, hugging the shady side of the street!

Regardless, New Bern is nothing if not picturesque, so these photos should convey the feel of a very interesting city – a place we are absolutely going to have to come back to when the temperature is closer to 60!

IMG_E0172Captain Ratty’s, by the way, turned out to be an excellent location for the overindulgence of seafood I was looking for – followed of course by Key lime pie. If it gets below 95-degrees before bed time I’m going to have to walk a good three to four miles to deal with it!

So here we are, grateful to be away together for a breather. Wherever you are, and whatever you are up to, we pray God’s good rest and peace during this restless season – DEREK

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  1. Oh how fun! Chris is looking for a new job either in Charlotte, or that is remote so we can move to that area…well, we have been thinking of Rock Hill cause it sounds very quant(?). We will have to look up those places when we eventually come up that way – which fingers crossed will be very soon! Love the pictures, hope you have fun!


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