If I’m going to feel the heat, I might as well be in the kitchen

If you’re going to feel the heat, it might as well be in the kitchen…

IMG_E0133So, an update on Friday’s “I’ve found my happy place” post about discovering a pressure-washer in my garage. Day Two I found myself remembering my first job fresh out of high school when I was 18. I remember thinking how much fun it was to work in a factory… for the first day; or rather should I say the first morning.

Granted, in 1974 I was working the huge conveyor belt at an industrial laundry, pulling off huge slabs of heavy, wet linens, loading them in four dryers each the size of a van, then dragging the hot sheets and towels over to a different conveyor when they were dry.

The experienced helped reinforce the “I really should get a university education” seed that took root a little too late to join my friends at Oxford or Cambridge (but just in time to meet Rebekah at Stetson University in 1976).

IMG_0137Anyway, progress with the driveway has been slow and the whole “mid-nineties” temperature situation factored in a whole lot. I wore my new extra-wide floppy brimmed hat but never quite hit my stride.

So I carved a happy face into the unfinished section and called it a day!

Birthday Feast!

IMG_0159Next I turned my attention to Rebekah’s birthday feast (for more on celebrating Rebekah, click here). She went through my “World Kitchens Italian” cookbook and selected Involtini di Vitello (veal rolls) and Torta di Patate (potato torte). You can judge from the photographs, but I believe I pulled it off!

Followed – only because it was her birthday – by a homemade chocolate chip cookie with amazing coffee. I know, not exactly health food, but definitely a home run in terms of delicious!

Have a great rest of the weekend, and enjoy your Sunday. Then make sure you don’t miss church. Rebekah and I may be on vacation, but we will – virtually – be attending WFPC along with everyone else.

Peace, and more peace – Derek

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