Today is the day! Number 1,000,000, claim your prize!

– author Derek Maul

Okay, friends, the time is finally here. Sometime over the next few hours, one of you will be counted as the “official” one millionth view at That’s right, 1,000,000.

As promised in an earlier post, three things will happen – but only with your permission.

  1. Your name and your photograph will be featured one day this week – if you are willing.
  2. I will publish a short interview – again, if you agree.
  3. I will send you one of my books (your choice), signed and inscribed.

If you want to be considered, please leave a comment at the end of this post or on Facebook. I will respond with instructions.

Thank you so very much for helping make this blog site – “Pilgrim in Progress” – such a success.

All I want to do through this site is to encourage each and every one of us to be more intentional in our walk with God, and to be so filled with light and love that promise can’t help but spill over into this broken world.

In love, and because of love – DEREK


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