Dresden Germany through the eyes of “Mr. T.” Images to make you smile!

– setting out on the history tour

I am besides myself with excitement. Why? Well, today I get to share a few photos of our beautiful grandson – “Mr. T.” – from Germany.

For those of you who don’t know, Mr. T.’s parents are keeping his name and his face private – or at least off the web. Fortunately, Rebekah and I get photos and video almost daily through a secure link, but that feast of cuteness is off-limits to the world at large.

So I begged for something I could share, and yesterday our son sent me these three preapproved images. I am thrilled to be able to include them here!

The “Mr. T. Goes to —-” series:

– by the River Elbe on “Europe’s Balcony”

It immediately occurred to me that a collection of photographs like this would make for a wonderful kids’ book series, as in, “Mr. T. Goes to Dresden” or “Mr. T. Goes to Prague….” He could visit all the interesting European cities and already have his college education funded by the time he enrolls in kindergarten!

Ever since our grandson figured out how to walk he loves to go-go-go, trotting around at top speed. Also, most of the European cities are empty at the moment, thanks to COVID. And then – icing on the cake – he’s not only cuter than the famous “Flat Stanley” he’s actually three-dimensional. So it’s win, win, and win.

I’d say the books are a can’t miss.

Anyway, I hope that this post makes you smile – and especially Mr. T.. He already has this fully-engaged, live like you mean it, life is good vibe going on and if there’s anything we need in this world it is absolutely a little more of that.

Peace, blessings, and the promise of love – DEREK


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