working from home, and grandparenting via Facetime #PandemicLife

This image was supposed to be the post beauty-parlor “Doesn’t he look good” shot of Max after his visit to the groomer. But it turned into a serendipitous “Don’t they look wonderful” portrait instead.

One of the great blessings of this pandemic is Rebekah doing much of her work from home. Of course it means we don’t have a dining room anymore: the space has turned into is her office, her study, her video studio, and her conference room.

When we lived in Pensacola our home (Maul-Hall-I) was perfectly designed for this kind of situation. The house had originally been built as a manse (parsonage), and the fourth bedroom was laid out as a preacher’s study, accessible from the front entry and fitted with built-in bookshelves.

Regardless, we’re making it work, eating at the kitchen counter, and glad Rebekah still has an office at church for her multiple hundreds of books.

And, best of all, Max and I are very happy to have her home.

Remote Grandparenting:

My other “photo-op” yesterday was the short chat I had with our youngest grandson, Geoffrey William. I guess I’ll take screen shots until I can actually be there in person…

He was curious, he stretched, he opened his eyes, he responded to the sound of my voice, and then he cried. All typical baby stuff. Geoffrey is not quite three weeks old, and his original due-date is still a few days off; but I can already see him beginning to interact with his world, reach out in tentative exploration, and launch the beautiful journey of adventure that will define his life.

We’re going to be great friends, me and G.W., I can tell already. Pandemic or not we will build a relationship… but I want to hold him right now!

Keep your eyes open for some additional posts this weekend. In love – DEREK

author/photographer Derek Maul

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