5-photo-Friday featuring bright splashes of hope and promise

It’s Friday again, at the end of a very traumatic week (you can read about the sad passing of Rebekah’s sister, Rachel, at “Another epic story moves from this life into eternity”).

Life, however – and as it does – goes one, so I thought I would share a handful of impressions for this week’s edition of 5-Photo-Friday.


First, the cold weather is always good for attracting birds to our feeder. The Cardinals are especially photogenic this time of the year. Sometime in the future I plan to spring for the lens I want and then put in some serious time waiting for just the right photo-ops to come along.


Part of my plan this week was to restring my acoustic guitar, my electric guitar, and my mandolin.

But it takes time to do the job right, including cleaning all the surfaces once the old strings come off. The only one I got done was my Epiphone Sheraton. When I finished I apologized for the recent neglect and promised the guitar it would get played more. I plan to do that with all the instruments and – maybe – up my proficiency before my joints seize up due to old age!


Number three is our shiny new grandbaby, Geoffrey. Talk about promise for the future! He’s doing well and making his family smile… but has also been a little grumpy.

I told Geoffrey he could only get away with it so long as he remains cute and adorable. No worries, as that state of affairs will likely last a good six or seven years – and by then his siblings will be teens and he’ll be able to get away with even more because he will still, and always, be “the baby.”


Photo Four (or “collection” number four) is a hodgepodge highlighting winter, the ongoing initiative to reorganize my study, and then the beautiful roses Rebekah received from our beautiful niece, Lindsay.

The image from my desk is the subject of tomorrow’s post, taking a look back into my last days as a school teacher in Florida. There is a story in there I believe you will appreciate.


Finally, Max and I have been taking advantage of the cooler weather to enjoy some long walks around the neighborhood. I’ve been putting in over 100,000 steps the past few weeks and all Max wants is more.

Enjoy the photos, continue to pray for my sister-in-law Rachel’s family, and have the most marvelous of weekends.

And I pray -as always – God’s rich grace, peace and blessings on you – DEREK

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