How to Change the World (plus a gratuitous Bernie Groundhog meme)

First, the “winners” of my “Shouldn’t Groundhog Day have a Bernie-Meme?” question (because of course the world absolutely needs more silliness to counter the plague of people who take themselves too seriously).

Charles and Michelle Fischer came up with the one on the left and George Dudley made the one on the right.

I am not sure exactly what I had in mind – but many thanks for your contributions to the Bernie-Meme cannon.

More adorable:

Way up on the cuteness scale comes Grandson #3 in Miami – a.k.a. Geoffrey.

The beautiful blanket was lovingly made by grandmama Rebekah, and then our smiles (below) are all courtesy of the baby himself.

Geoffrey is growing fast, completely exhausting his mother, mostly delighting his older siblings, very vocal about his demands to be held, and relentlessly gifting the Internet with weapons-grade adorability.

Yesterday I also got to “chat” with 17-month-old Mr. T. in Dresden. Our middle grandson still loves playing in the snow, but it seems his current passion is rearranging things in the apartment. Why – for instance – keep your toys in the bedroom when you can bring them all into a neat pile in the living room? That would be one toy at a time, toddling at a full run, stopping occasionally to admire his work!

My point today?

So let’s cut to the chase. Having lured you in with cute babies and Bernie memes, what have I got to share?

Perspective, really. And I have the Bible Gateway verse of the day to thank.

There is a lot going on around us, a lot of noise in the world, a lot to keep our focus away from what really counts, a lot of redirection and misdirection that leaves us heading in the wrong direction.

But that doesn’t have to be us.

  • We can choose our focus,
  • we can choose light and goodness,
  • and we can walk the path Jesus invites us to take.

The Psalmist suggests it is a day by day choice:

But me? I will sing of your strength!
    In the morning I will shout out loud
    about your faithful love
        because you have been my stronghold,
        my shelter when I was distraught. – Psalm 59:16

– Derek Maul

It’s not going to be one great deed, or one stunning invention that changes the world, it will be all of us who achieve this; one small but important decision at a time, each and every day; one personal interaction at a time, one moment of kindness, one act of service, one selfless decision of love.

“But me? In the morning I will should out loud about your faithful love…” – DEREK

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