Anatomy of a photo-shoot

If I wanted to stoop to the level of “clickbait” then I guess it would be tempting to lead with a photo like this one. You know what I mean: happy grandfather, cuter than pie baby, smiles all around.

Or even the classic goofy grandparents, posing with three-quarters of their grandchildren, grinning like they have just won the jackpot (they have!).

Oh, I guess I did!

What’s fun, in all the chaos, is to watch the younger generation (Naomi and Hannah), doing all the logistical work of setting up a photograph.

The best was all (other than Mr. T. in Dresden) the greatgrands on the steps coming down from my parents’ deck. Arranging, rearranging, dog or no dog? Please everyone look at the camera. Don’t forget to smile. Don’t hide behind the other kids… etc. etc.

That’s why I stood behind the two moms and photographed them photographing the children. Priceless.

Anyway, that’s all I have. Too many children running around. Enjoy.

Love and grace – DEREK

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