This story is – first – ours to live before it can be told

– Naomi’s creation, enjoyed at the coffee table with the children and “Hamilton”

Just a short post this morning in response to the “Evening of food and entertainment with Naomi” provided by our daughter. She cleaned the kitchen, prepared dinner, introduced us to our first viewing of “Hamilton,” then cleaned the kitchen again.

The meal was one of her favorites from “The Whole 30.” It was a chicken hash made with chicken breast, grated sweet potato, apples, spinach, and more.

Naomi has become a good cook and – like me – her experience of working from actual cookbooks and following menus has expanded her skill and her range.

Hamilton was an unqualified hit. Rebekah and I loved the story, the music, the intelligence of the writing, the nuanced and clever rhyming, the take on the history of the period, and the amazing power of the staging.

We will definitely see this in person when the opportunity presents, and the hype around this musical was not overplayed at all.

– Derek Maul

In my assessment, LinManuel Miranda is a creative genius. His focus on how important it is to tell people’s stories fits in beautifully with the content of my post yesterday – “What it means to be a family rooted in faith” – and of course the companion idea to that is also expressed well in Hamilton: We must not “throw away [our] shot” because this story is ours to live before it can be told.

Peace, always, and “Good Story” – DEREK

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