The transcendence of children in swings

The good news is how far behind I am in sharing great photos from this week with the grandchildren. I will have some raw material available to sprinkle in long after they have moved on. So today will be limited to the hour we braved the heat and headed to the park. 9:50 when we walked that way, and already far too hot.

There is something transcendent about watching kids swing. We played a little tag (not hard for them), then I sat in the shade with Max while they soared to the skies.

David – nine and a half – is getting to that age where his favorite things to say are along the lines of, “I’m bored…” “No I don’t want to play Go-Fish…” “I wish I could have more time on my tablet…” “There’s nothing to do…” “I don’t want to play any of those things (10 great choices).” “When will we go home?” “When are we going to the park?” “It’s too hot I want to go home from the park…” “Beks is annoying me…”

But then at the same time he is so genuinely enthusiastic to be here, and talks constantly about how much fun we are.

– our classic “Pride Rock” photo op

So to watch them swing. To watch David try to race Max across the baseball field ( Max got to the other side, came back, and ran the last half with him). To watch them forget for a moment that they are growing up and learning to be a little cynical. To watch them launch into the air for that momentary sensation of weightlessness at the top….

“You will never catch me!” David said when we were playing tag. “You’re too old!” I smiled/grimaced. “You’re too old, grandaddy. You’ll never get carded again!”

So harsh! Such wonderful children.


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