Splashes of Light from Bahrain to Miami to Wake Forest! – (Photo Friday a day early!)

So it may not be Friday today, but posting this now just fits in better with my schedule this week, and it works out best for me to share this set of images today. Just the one from Bahrain, but there is still much more to come from Rebekah’s latest travels.

With so many interesting photographs coming my way over the past week, the usual “Photo Friday” post may seem anticlimactic. But there are some good ones here I believe you will enjoy. The two of Geoffrey (15-months), especially, make me smile – then this morning’s single image featuring Rebekah and Alicia too.

The point of a good photograph is to make an emotional connection with the person viewing. And, best of all, to hopefully tell a story.

The stories that go with this next image span several posts, and if you haven’t been reading I recommend taking a few moments to scroll back over the last couple of weeks to catch up on Rebekah’s epic adventure.

– Rebekah and Alicia in Bahrain

Finally, the last three pictures, starting with the photo of Max enjoying his new bed. I have been doing some serious housework this week and both his dog beds were too ripe to be effectively cleaned. Finding 95-pound Golden Retriever sized beds is a challenge, but he is quite happy with the result.

The three daffodils caught my attention ver early in the morning, and I immediately heard this dialogue in my head:

  • Daffodil number 1: “Good morning world!”
  • Daffodil number 2: “What a beautiful day! Happy Thursday everyone!”
  • Daffodil number 3: “Can I please get a coffee??”

Then our home, sitting in the middle of so many trees, bathed in sun, just looks so solid and optimistic. I have grown to really love it over the past eight and a half years, and I hadn’t realized just how much until this week.

That’s all. Look for more from Rebekah’s adventure soon. Peace and love – DEREK

– Maul Hall


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