Today’s set of Photo-Friday images begs a “Photo of the Week”

– Beks in Miami

Photo Friday today comprises this set of eight wonderful images. If I were editing a magazine (which, essentially, I am via this blog), these would all be contenders for “Photo of the Week” honors. Some for form and beauty, others for story. Both are equally compelling.

I have to start with this wonderful composition featuring Beks in Miami on a misty day. Our daughter, Naomi, has a gift for capturing mood and story in the way she photographs her children, and this portrait is almost Impressionistic.

Next, these two to round out the Miami grandchildren. Geoffrey delighted to be in the water park, and David enjoying the underwater tube, viewing the otters at Zoo Miami.

This week Naomi took a friend along and a number of things happened: 1) The friend was able to view animals she had never seen before, because Naomi knows their habits and has learned how to look. 2) Everywhere they went, Zoo employees would call out, “Hi, Naomi! Hi Geoffrey!” 3) They had the best day ever at the Zoo because – let’s face it – Naomi is Naomi!

Meanwhile, over in Bahrain:

Then, sticking with the grandchild theme, let’s shift to Bahrain for a rare sighting of Mr. T., and this amazing shot of our daughter-in-law Alicia being fabulous.

Mr. T. is old enough now to enjoy meandering through some of the wondrous and mystical shops in the “The Souq” – Bahrain’s unique and exotic warren of narrow streets and alleyways featuring local merchants.

Alicia, who didn’t pin the location when she posted the photo, titled the portrait “Eid Mubarak.” The Arabic word “mubarak” translates as “blessed,” while “Eid” means feast, festival or celebration, so “Eid Mubarak” can literally mean “blessed celebration” or “blessed feast”.

Home in Wake Forest:

Finally, these three images from back here in Wake Forest, the only photo credits I get today!

The first, Rebekah working at her study in our former dining room, tells the story of her return to work, leading the First Presbyterian Church of Wilson as the “Bridge Interim” pastor.

– NC writer/photographer Derek Maul

The second is the neighborhood where dad is in residence at a lovely assisted living home, where we can enjoy easy walks along the quiet streets.

Finally, Max simply being a huge, beautiful Golden Retriever. Max is a blessing in so many ways and I am so very grateful we found each other.

That’s it. enjoy this week’s Photo Friday!

Peace, mercy, grace, love, and blessings – Derek

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