June in 30 Pictures (always worth a few clicks!)

– Craig and the children outside their new (empty) home in Orlando

For everything there is a season,
    a time for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3

So… we have now reached the end of June. This means – unbelievably – that 2022 is now 50% in the bag, half over! Good grief! As of today, Naomi and Craig’s family now live in Orlando, Alicia, Andrew, and Mr. T. are poised to head to the USA, and the summer is well and truly full-steam-ahead.

In other news, this page has received 95,000 views to date! So please keep on “clicking”, and “liking”, and “sharing”, and keeping engaged in the conversation. I appreciate you, each and every one.

– writer/photographer Derek Maul

Meanwhile, here is a bonus (above), photo number 31 – from Naomi. June 29, Naomi, Craig, David, Beks, and Geoffrey arrived at their new home in Orlando. You can see Craig and the children standing in front of an empty house.

I think this image is maybe a metaphor for July. Here it comes, standing empty, but welcoming and full with such potential. Let’s all see what we can make of it, and how we can make the coming July photo collection represent something amazing.

Joy and promise – DEREK

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