Summer Heat – and Celebrating the Day

This is the day the Lord acted;
    we will rejoice and celebrate in it!

Psalm 118:24

Happy July, everyone! For “Photo Friday” this week I’ll just refer everyone back to “June in 30 Pictures” from yesterday. The gallery turned out to be a wonderful pictorial journey through the beginning of Summer 2022.

Summer – especially July, August, and September – is always a bit of a challenge for me. There are things I love about this time of the year, and there are things I could do without.

I struggle with the heat. Heat makes me uncomfortable; I’d much rather wear a sweater on a cold day than get overheated in 90+ weather. There’s a cute story from when our son Andrew was around nine years old. Two of his friends – Eric and Marshall – were at our house playing. Something happened that prompted Rebekah to recommend they all go outside to run around and let off some steam. Marshall looked aghast. “I don’t think so Mrs. Maul,” he said; “we’re not the sweating kind of boys.” I’m right there with Marshall: I’m not the sweating kind of boy either.

But I love love love so much that comes with this time of the year. Especially the summery flavors. Peaches; you can’t get peaches without summer heat. Then there are the wonderful North Carolina tomatoes, and so many other fresh vegetables.

And I love summer travel. We will be seeing both our children’s families, including all the grandchildren, this month!

Plus there’s this sense of informality about the summer. People in shorts, and flip-flops, wearing Hawaiian shirts, sporting bright colors, excited about vacation plans, seemingly less encumbered by work and responsibilities.

– and car washing, that’s better in the summer!

I especially used to enjoy the “Ten Summer Sundays” series we had when we were at WFPC. People from both contemporary and traditional services crowding into the sanctuary together for church, Rebekah and John wearing stoles, the choir out of their robes, a vivid splash of informal color lighting up the worship space, the buzz of excitement anticipation and conversation serving as a kind of prelude.

Okay, so maybe I’ve talked myself into it. Maybe summer is not so bad – all things considered. After all, this is the day… and I will be glad in it! – DEREK

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