Grace upon Grace in Orlando

 Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. 

John 1:16

Monday was a hot, stormy, classic Central Florida day. Blistering heat, thunderstorms, cool interludes, more thunderstorms, more blistering heat. Wash, rinse, repeat.

So we took family pictures outside the new Casa de Campbell then headed into Disney Springs for the late afternoon and evening.

I can’t believe how expansively the site has been developed, and how many zillions of people there are walking around.

– beautiful family

“Imagine,” I thought, amazed at just about everything, “what it would be like if Disney decided to build a shopping mall. Oh, but they did.”

We walked the shops, ate supper at City Works, then walked at least a half mile so that Geoffrey could ride the train. “He just loves the train,” David said. Apparently not so much this time.

More fun photos, of course. But it’s the family shot, in front of the house, that grabs me. My favorite is the one where Geoffrey screams and Beks half turns away.

Then there’s the baby. Still cute. Still way beyond adorable. Still a handful.

We are going to miss this crew. I will absolutely admit to being very tired; but that’s the tradeoff, and while I am feeling every single one of my sixty-six years this week, I am incredibly grateful for the amazing gift that is my family.

Not necessarily easy, nowhere near relaxed, not what we ever expected before we had any children – and then grandchildren, not exactly effortless… but so very wonderful. Good, and rich, and deep, and life transforming, and grace in place of grace already given. – DEREK

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