Peace Like a River

I will extend peace to her like a river,
    and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream;
you will nurse and be carried on her arm
    and dandled on her knees.

Isaiah 66:12

For the final few Nikon DSLR photos remaining, I’ll take us back to Savannah (and also to the beautiful view from our airbnb in the mountains). It’s getting progressively harder to make a case for lugging around the heavier, traditional camera, but I think these images (and the other collections I have shared over the past few days) absolutely demonstrate the edge a good SLR still has over the iPhone in certain conditions.

As I explained in my initial enthusiastic post about our side-trip to Savannah, Rebekah and I absolutely plan to return to this town, both to enjoy the rich ambiance and learn some of the many stories. We’re just not going to be doing it in the heat of the summer.

Itching to Explore!

I am itching to get out and to explore more with Rebekah. Adventuring together continues to be central to our vision for retirement, and I plan to everything in my power to make travel a more consistent possibility.

– writer/ photographer Derek Maul

Later today I plan on sharing another post, this time connected to our church experience this past Sunday. I’d like to urge you – especially if you are one of the many extra visitors who have been viewing this page for the travel pics – to continue stopping by for the writing, the inspiration, and the encouragement in faith.

Meanwhile, enjoy these photographs from the riverfront, taken from our hotel room at The Cotton Sail.

Peace and every blessings – DEREK

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  1. We have watched the River from a similar location. Interesting how the tugs have to push/guide container ships thru narrow channel. We have been there several times and friends have a son that lives on Tybee. Consider visits from mid-Oct to mid-April.


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