The last best photos from the mountains: Triple Falls (without falling…)

Part Two of “waterfall day” in the Dupont Forest state recreation area involved hiking up to Triple Falls and then playing in the river. The site – featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans – consists of three distinct cascades, totaling about 120′ in vertical drop.

Rebekah, who had made it to Hooker Falls on our morning hike, bravely set out for the afternoon. Sadly, she ran out of steam when the incline proved too steep, so the children and I left her dangling both broken feet in the cool water while we completed the climb.

It turned out to be a good call, as accessing the best views at the end of the trail also involved 120 steep steps down to the rocky outcroppings – a great vantage point for some photographs.

David and Beks were, once again, impressed by the beauty of the falls, but this time they were more interested in one more opportunity to splash around in the clear mountain water. So we hiked back to where the trail crossed the river and spent the balance of the day rock-hopping, wading, building dams, and enjoying the cool waters of the Little River.

It was our last afternoon before making tracks to Florida; and, once more, the scenery was spectacular. I am glad I thought to bring my DSLR to capture the following images.

If you haven’t made the trip recently, take this as my invitation. God does some great work in the North Carolina mountains! – DEREK

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