A look back at an interesting week via “Photo Friday”

– Rebekah and Derek Maul

This week has been more about writing content than sharing photos. So “Photo Friday” is probably a welcome relief for those of you more interested in the pictures!

Regardless, here are 4 posts I’d urge you to read if you missed them:

  1. A story of three rings
  2. Shifting our center of gravity
  3. Raising Children – one grandparent’s point of view
  4. My response to the sad news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing

Now, on to “Photo Friday.”

I have to start with the children (of course!). Thanks Naomi for continued excellence in photography. Geoffrey being Geoffrey, and then this priceless portrait with their “Uncle Matt.” Matt was our proverbial “kid down the street” in Brandon. He was friends with both Andrew and Naomi and spent a lot of time at Maul-Hall. This week he flew in from Colorado to catch up with Naomi’s crew.

For the next photo, I grabbed a screenshot from the American School of Bahrain‘s Facebook page. It features Andrew and his 5th grade teaching cohort during orientation. I can’t say enough about how happy I am that Andrew is such a positive, engaged, respected teacher, and that he and Alicia are enjoying their work at ASB.

Next is a classic food photo from lunch earlier in the week. It’s an Italian Caprese salad. Then one of the frequent pop-up afternoon thunderstorms.

Finally, I am still digging in the garden, and it looks like there will be more today. In the garden Rebekah is management, I am labor, and Max – along with my mother – likes to watch.

Finally, probably my favorite experience of the week was dinner with Rebekah at Nantucket. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the food was incredible.

So don’t forget to keep your eyes open, and your spirit too, and enjoy all that life has to offer! Peace and more peace – always – DEREK

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