Photo Friday (Best collection yet!)

– looking down our street – note the sky!

At its best, Photo Friday is a journey through the week that hits the highlights. Generally, I try to use only images that A) did not find their way into earlier posts, B) stand on their own merit as great photographs.

As a group, I believe this collection is one of the best so far in 2023.

Enjoy! – DEREK


If you missed yesterday’s post featuring a short video of Rebekah playing ukulele, then I recommend taking a moment to look… and listen. “Creativity, Joy, and Rebekah playing the ukulele…”

The second photograph (in the gallery below) is from our date at the mall February 15. Shopping for a dress for Lindsay’s March 3rd wedding, then enjoying a wonderful lunch to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the day I beame an American citizen.

The third Rebekah pic is from last weekend, where we enjoyed hosting one of the neighborhood kids for the morning. She just turned 10, is the same school year as Beks, and was great company. Of course, Rebekah taught her how to make biscuits.

Food food food:

The three food photos are:

  • My (most excellent) mahi-mahi recipe.
  • From our lunch on the 15th, the roasted mushroom flatbread with lobster bisque.
  • Then, Chicken Quintiliano – a zesty recipe involving lots of garlic, balsamic vinegar and wine vinegar.

Next up: our home, Elmwood Ct. and Physical Therapy:

I love the clean lines of the Maul-Hall architecture in the winter sun.

Then, looking past my iced-up knee and out through the big window at Physical Therapy. Thursday I was signed off, having demonstrated enough progress to keep the ball rolling at home. Next on the orthopedic doctor’s plan for me is “aquatic physical therapy.” Stay tuned.


Finally, the photograph of Max that I’m entitling, “When your nose is so long it’s out of focus!”

No offense, Max, we really do love you, and we absolutely think you are the most handsome – and wonderfully well behaved – dog out there.

Enjoy this week’s collection, everyone, and take care to have an amazing weekend, wherever you are!



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