Handcrafted pasta and the joy of simple pleasures #photofriday

My darling my bride, I have entered my garden.
    I have gathered my myrrh and spice.
I have eaten my honey and honeycomb.
    I have drunk my wine and milk.
Dearest friends, eat, drink!
    Be drunk with love!

Song of Songs 5:1

Today’s Photo Friday post is all food! First, who doesn’t like food! Then, it’s been a while since I got my hands in some dough, and pasta is fun to talk about.

Some of you know that I write a column for AllProDad.com. My particular focus is encouraging dads in their marriages. Well, a few months ago we published one titled, “7 Ways to Get Your Wife in the Mood.” It scored a lot of hits, and was read widely enough to garner a good share of scathing comments too.

How is this related to pasta? Well maybe “Make handcrafted pasta to go with your already amazing spaghetti sauce” should also be among the repertoire of useful skills wannabe awesome husbands should cultivate?

How to pasta:

The key to great pasta is the same as what goes into all good Italian cuisine: keep it simple, use the best ingredients, don’t rush.

Make a mound of either self-rising flour or all-purpose with salt added; create a well in the middle; put the eggs in the well; drag in the dry ingredients until you have a sticky ball; knead for six to eight minutes, adding a teaspoon of cold water every now and then; make sure the dough ball is smooth, consistent, plastic, and not sticky; let it rest 15-minutes in plastic wrap.

Then, roll and cut to your taste. This time I did angel hair. Homemade pasta cooks in around 90-seconds, and it is amazing!

– 15 seconds of pasta

The Good Life:

– a good pairing

It is my belief that “The Good Life” has very little to do with lots of money, excess, indulgence, or living stress free with everything we could ever desire.

Instead, it’s about putting love, care, and creative energy into everything we do.

Serving one another, doing our best, being grateful for what we have. This is as good as it gets.

La cena è servita! Buon appetito! “Dinner is served! Enjoy your meal!” – DEREK

Here is the result… then the process in order:


  1. The picture of the pasta with sauce and grated cheese at first glance looked like you had made a picture of your dog sticking his head through a wreath, or a lions head.
    It all looks like fun making pasta and willing to bet it tastes good too.

    Liked by 1 person

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