My new KOBALT electric mower has more battery life than me!

Well, as predicted in a recent post, I never was able to get my lawn mower started. And yes, I can already feel the judgment from all the “Did you try such-and-such?” and “I can fix anything!” and “You know there’s a YouTube video for that…” guys out there.

I’m sure someone with more handyman acumen would have done impressive things with filters and oil and spark plugs etc. and got the old lawnmower running. But it was “refurbished” when I first bought it, and I spent $150 on repairs three years ago, so off I went to Lowes for something new.

I purchased a “KOBALT 2X24 volt” electric model. I have been eyeing these cordless mowers for a few years now, and they seem – especially as we have so little in the way of grass – to finally have enough power to be up for the task.


– Beks with a box

“Grandaddy,” nine-year-old Beks said, “You should have set up your video and filmed an unboxing.” She loves “unboxings”; apparently it’s a thing.

Also it would have been tedious to watch because I stood there scratching my head a lot, trying to match the IKEA-esque instructions with the hardware in front of me.

Eventually I got everything together, the batteries charged, and the mower mowing. So here, for the video people among my readers, is a short demo.

No comments, please, about the state of the “grass” in our side yard. It looks kind of green from the street and at least now it’s mowed.

But the point of this post is the idea of a battery-powered mower. I remember getting my first rechargeable drill (many years ago) and the thing hardly had enough in the tank to make a decent hole before it wimped out. But my Kobalt 20-inch mower gives a full hour of work before it needs recharging, and that’s a half hour more than me!

I see Rebekah already outside, digging, so I guess it’s time to wrap up this post and join her.

Peace and blessings, always – DEREK

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