Featuring dinner dates, the garden, the springtime, and Max #PhotoFriday

– out on our dinner date!

I will begin this Photo Friday with a few images from our dinner date at Gonza Tacos y Tequila. Neither of us are what you would call Mexican food fans but – regardless – Gonza’s numbers among our favorite restaurants, and we are never disappointed!

This week the wonderful weather made for perfect al fresco dining so Rebekah and I enjoyed eating on the patio. The food, the atmosphere, the staff – all great; the company – perfect.

More from the Garden:

It has continued to be a big gardening week around Maul Hall. You can tell from the last several posts.

My mum also loves the garden, so this has made for a great opportunity to entice her out. Sitting in the front, watching us dig; touring the “secret garden” in back to enjoy the iris blooms; just circling through for a short walk. The new life of springtime is a constant invitation to join in the restoration, the reinvention, the promise, the hope.

Enjoy the photos. Then have the most amazing and thankful weekend. – DEREK


  1. Your Mexican food looked amazing. I am sure you are enjoying the planting season and the blooming iris. Up in the Far North, where I live it gets below zero at night but the light is getting longer, so it is light after 10 p.m. Soon we will enjoy the midnight sun and have warmer temperatures and see the snow melt! Enjoy your weekend.

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