The Life That Truly is Life

how to handle religious bigots

We don’t go to church and live the life of a disciple in order to get to heaven, and we certainly don’t have to go to “the right” church to experience salvation! Church is where we gather to celebrate what Jesus has done, it’s where we encourage one another to walk with Jesus more closely, it’s where we practice Koinonia, and it’s where we pool our resources in order to serve God in the world.

life, by definition, always moves forward

Vitality is this balance (not always delicate) between birth and burial, falling leaves and emerging new buds, plenty and want, planting and harvesting, admiring the fruit and returning it to the soil, rocking chairs in nurseries and rocking chairs on front porches, gaining a foothold – and then letting go.

Making a Habit of Celebration

At the heart of this spiritual practice we must be prepared to pause every so often, take a deep refreshing breath of attention, and then simply respond to God’s goodness with a smile, or a prayer, or a fist-pump, or maybe even a small dance of joy.

Play it as it lays

Here’s the thing. We’re often afforded every opportunity to skip the bad breaks, take the proffered second shot with no penalty, and take the easy road forward. But life is so much more satisfying when we do well anyway, having “played the ball where it lays.” What’s required is belief, tenacity, creativity, faith, patience, and – most importantly – the best effort that we can muster.