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azaleas blooming at Maul-Hall

Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. – Romans 13:8

This Paul quote from Romans is really good to read the day after April 15, “Tax Day” here in the USA. It’s a refreshing reminder of what really matters in a world where we are constantly clobbered with obligations, debts, taxes, bills, and more.

by the sidewalk on South Main
by the sidewalk on South Main

STRESS: I shared earlier that this has been a stressful week in a number of ways. That’s one reason that yesterday, when faced with one more experience I’d much rather have avoided, I walked the mile to the dentist’s office rather than drive.

Walking – like that quote from Romans – tends to put everything else into perspective.

It was an overcast day, with a little light drizzle mixed in. A day that I tend to describe as, “It’s a little British out there today!”

My walk takes me out of our cul-de-sac, up Holding Avenue, then along South Main Street and into downtown. The “picturesque” part of Main is north of town; but yesterday, dressed up in the fresh spring colors, I thought the old homes our end of Wake Forest looked grand.

I’ve included a few images, grabbed without pause while walking with my iPhone, but I think they get the point across.

IMG_9239THE POINT: And the “point” is this. The new life and fresh colors of spring bring out the best in these homes. My photographs aren’t “doctored,” and I didn’t spend time carefully finding the most flattering perspective. I was walking, fairly fast, so I just shot from the hip.

What made yesterday’s walk beautiful was the eyes I looked through, and the fact that the promise of spring is always more compelling than the clouds and the rain.

It’s also a theological truth; it’s what walking with God promises for our outlook, and the way that we interact with the world around us. Difficulty, stress, trouble, disappointment, computer crashes, lost glasses, financial anxiety, health concerns, work angst… you name it… the promise of the good news of the Gospel of Love is like new life, fresh growth, and spring color on a dismal, rainy day.

seeing clearly with new glasses too!
seeing clearly with new glasses too!

The promise of the good news of the Gospel of Love is like new life, fresh growth, and spring color on a dismal, rainy, day.

Can I get an “amen?” – DEREK


  1. AMEN, Derek. I think Spring is the best time of the year as it reminds us that God is, in fact, in control and His creation is coming back to life after the cold winter has passed. Much like various seasons/experiences of our life … He has promised life even when it is dark and “British” outside. Love the pictures too. (By the way, my love for Spring might be slightly different if I had allergies to pollen!)


  2. Hmmm, I’m British. I could take offense at an overcast day with a little light drizzle being described as “British”, but I suppose you’re describing (rather accurately) our weather and hopefully not a grey, pessimistic national character :-). Joking aside, being grateful each day lifts the mood, lightens the spirit and makes us smile. Having Someone to be grateful to, gives gratitude an object and purpose (1 Thess 5:18)

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    1. Absolutely. Indeed, we are exhorted to give thanks in all things (Eph. 5:20). And, when we are thankful, as you suggested, we are much more likely to be joyful. This is beneficial also because a joyful heart “is good medicine”. (Prov. 17:22)

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    2. Sorry I missed this comment earlier.
      Thanks for your thoughts. Certainly not a reflection on national character. I, too, was British the first 20-plus years of my life, and I only knew a few “Eeyores.” I love the 1 Thessalonians quote. One of my favorite NT books.
      Peace – DEREK


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