Friends, Cousins, Lobster, and Belief


He told them to celebrate these days with feasting and gladness and by giving gifts of food to each other and presents to the poor.Esther 9:22

Attention, fellow foodies! One of the flagship ideas of the food truck movement is rolling in to Wake County, coming via our good friends from church; and it is – in a word, brilliant!

In general, food trucks have completely morphed over the past decade. Mobile dining has become highly specialized, with real chefs serving gourmet treats previously reserved for high-priced fine-dining establishments featuring pricey wines, pressed linens, and table reservations.

Deb with
Deb with “Cousin” Jim

COUSINS: It was only a matter of time before lobster joined the parade, and where better to source your lobster, and chowder, and so much more, than Maine? And how better to drive onto the food-truck stage than via the national spotlight, a hot new franchise, and Cousins Maine Lobster?

Our friends, Deb and Greg Keller, have been moving toward this project ever since Cousins Maine Lobster took center stage on prime-time television’s Shark Tank (season #4). Becoming franchise owners is a huge deal, and they didn’t engage the complex process without a lot of soul-searching and prayer.

So there we all were – along with one of the two “Maine Cousins,” Jim Tselikis – Thursday evening April 30, celebrating a “kick-off” party and enjoying wonderful food in the rain.

BLESS THIS TRUCK: Deb and Greg asked Rebekah to be there to bless the truck, and to cover the business in prayer. So the new enterprise was launched not only in high hopes, but also in the context of faith and humble prayer.

Rebekah prayed for Deb and Greg, she prayed for the business itself, she prayed for the excruciating red-tape details, she prayed for everyone working with the enterprise, and she prayed for the relationships that this new adventure would nurture.

Rebekah praying the business in
Rebekah praying the business in

It’s just another new business; so why pray? The answer to that question is that we are more than church members, we are disciples of Jesus. And as disciples we want everything that we’re involved with to come under the umbrella of living faith, an ongoing transformational relationship with our Creator, the grace-saturated Gospel of Love.

TWO THUMBS UP: So here’s my “foodie” opinion. The lobster rolls are succulent, audaciously flavorful, mouth-watering treats; the lobster bisque is rich and satisfying; the lobster tacos are deliciously sweet. Everyone around me was making “nom-nom-nom” noises, smiling, and raving about the quality of all the food.

I give Cousins Maine Lobster (and my friends, Deb and Greg) two big thumbs-up.

Deb says they plan to be at “Meet-in-the-Street” in Wake Forest this weekend. For the schedule beyond then, you’ll have to check the web, their Facebook page (CMLobsterRaleigh), or their twitter feed @CMLobsterRAL.

Rebekah put the faith perspective this way. “Jesus may not have had a food truck, but I know he would have loved the way this kind of event brings people together.”

Lobster roll - that's what I'm talking about!
Lobster roll – that’s what I’m talking about!

It’s true. The imperative of the Gospel is always to bring us into healing relationships. Relationships with one another, yes; Relationships with people who need to hear the good news of Jesus, certainly; and – most importantly of all – Relationship with the God who loves us so very much.



  1. Wow! This actually makes we want to eat a lobster! …but then I remember the way David looks at them at the grocery store and says “poor lobsters… mommy can we set them free?”

    Congratulations Deb and Greg, I wish yall the most success 🙂

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