I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

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IMG_2439-002Happy Sunday morning, friends! I trust you have enjoyed that extra hour of sleep. If not, then you’re either going to be accidentally helping to set up the 9:00 service (“I guess I’m here so I might as well pitch in”), or if you’re an hour early for traditional worship that means maybe I’ll see you in my discipleship class!

Because today is a Sunday, my first “meme of the week” is a simple affirmation of the fact that my heart is always glad when I show up for worship! Great church; the very best people; authentic worship; inspirational preaching; our most wonderful God!

So, come to WFPC if you are anywhere near this part of North Carolina. We will be glad to see you; and it will be extra special to share communion together, as brothers and sisters.

IMG_3562-001DOG MISBEHAVIOR! Then, “meme #2” popped up while I was vacuuming, in detail, chasing down some really scary dust-bunnies, and not paying any attention to Scout Labradoodle. I turned around to see this…!

Seriously, it’s been a good six years since we trained Scoutie to stay off the couch. Once it was done we ditched the stinky dog sofa and purchased a really nice new one. So I wonder, was Saturday the first time in history she’s settled in up there? Or – more likely – is this just the first time either one of us has noticed a huge black dog on the couch?

She didn’t look even vaguely guilty. Instead, her response was more like, “Dad? Are you kidding? I had like no idea I wasn’t supposed to be up here. Are you sure it’s you and mom’s sofa? Because it looks just like a dog bed to me…?”

Sigh. I’ll see you all in church – DEREK

(As always, please feel free to share the memes if they work for you)


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