party girl takes it to the next level


Here’s the story. Back around 1991, our then seven-year-old daughter read a newspaper headline: “University of Florida Nation’s #1 Party School!”

“Mamma, Daddy,” she called out. “I know where I want to go to college!”

Time passed, Naomi grew up, and it turns out she didn’t become a Gator… but our enthusiastic daughter certainly did hone her partying skills (and how…). Eventually she met Craig, they fell in love, and this beautiful family came into being.

Today the partying is a little different too. Naomi and Craig are the consummate hosts; our daughter’s natural ebullience, her welcoming spirit, her sense of style, and the social graces she and Craig share mix together to make the Campbell family hospitality a signal experience for anyone privileged to enter their home.

The Grandparents (Grace and David) are impressed!

So – with just a little help from me – the Campbells put on a very creditable version of the classic British “Boxing Day.” Naomi even surprised everyone – including herself – by making perfect Yorkshire Puddings.

More from Richmond tomorrow – including images of the children. Let’s just say that Rebekah and I are now “Gift-giving Heroes.”

Gratefully – a proud father – DEREK



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