grandchildren, love, and being a “gift-hero”


So how exactly does one get to be a “gift hero?” Well, first, it helps to have the most awesome grandchildren in the world. Second, it’s a huge advantage that we listen, and take advice concerning exactly what David and Beks might want. Third, there’s the instinct that comes from spending time with the grandchildren and knowing them from the loving depths of our hearts.

IMG_4938David (four) has been talking about wanting an indoor/outdoor putt-putt set since several weeks before his fourth birthday (October). He had a great birthday, but expressed disappointment that he didn’t get putt-putt.

So he told his parents… every few days. He told his Sunday-school teacher… he told the minister… he even sat on Santa’s lap at the mall and said he was “frustrated” that he didn’t get the putt-putt set he was dreaming about.

Christmas Day he was disappointed again. Don’t get me wrong, David loved all his gifts, received them warmly, thanked everyone enthusiastically, and had a happy day. But he did mention to his mom and dad that – “sigh” – he really, really was hoping for a putt-putt set for Christmas.

Consequently, when Sunday evening rolled around and Rebekah and I were able to share our Christmas gifts with the grandchildren, well, you can imagine what happened when David tore off the paper and found the putt-putt set he’d been talking about for such a long time!

IMG_5008-001Our other big “hit” – and this was with both children – was the awesomeness of sticker books. Not your ordinary stickers, but high-class stickers, the re-usable kind – no sticky residue, stickers you can put on glass and pull off easily later. Literally hours of play and they only looked at the first page.

Then there were the books. Books and more books. Beks especially is a huge bookworm.

The common theme here was not technology, not fancy, not complicated, not expensive; but simple stuff that engages the imagination!

are we ever excited to see grandmama!!

I’ve got to tell you. These children certainly engage my imagination. It’s not possible to begin to describe how blessed we are, how thankful for this life we are privileged to enjoy.

It’s the fifth day of Christmas. Rejoice! Rejoice!



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