Light, life, love, & healing

Rebekah with the wreath

I’m always reluctant to employ hyperbolic language (no, seriously, I really am…), but I have no alternative than to use words such as “unprecedented,” “overwhelming,” and “epic” to describe the number of views garnered by this blog over the past few days! This is the first time ever I’ve seen three consecutive posts register more than 1,000 hits.

  • “What if all those people bought your books?” my daughter, Naomi, said earlier today.
  • “Then I’d move from being a freelance writer to a lance writer,” I said.

So, assuming lots of people look at today’s post, here are three photographs of Christmas love that I believe will touch your heart. And, yes, I’ll put a link to my Amazon author site at the end!

HEALING: This is what I told the congregation at WFPC this weekend: “Rebekah sends her love and greetings, and she wants me to tell you she’s consistently more encouraged this week than at any other time during her recovery. Her goal is to be here for the 11:00 candlelight and communion service Christmas Eve. She loves you, and she misses everyone so much.”

And it’s true. We’re making progress, we’re encouraged, and there are signs her voice is beginning to heal. Every day a little better, every day a little stronger, every day a little closer to returning to all the promise and excitement of growing God’s Kingdom with God’s beautiful children at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church.

img_6639LIGHT SHINING FROM THE SOUL: I believe small children are direct conduits for the light and life that comes from the heart of God.

When I say that children shine, I mean that they are luminous; not only do they reflect God’s light, they are sources of light. When I say that children are full of life, I mean they not only own uncontainable life – the kind that spills over, they also generate life in a way that gives a charge of vitality to those around them.

My grandchildren’s official names are David and Rebekah, but they could just as well be known as Light, and Life. I’m fairly sure that, given a power failure in their neighborhood, their Christmas tree would light up regardless, the moment they stood anywhere in proximity.

I’ve never agreed with the idea that, “Christmas is for the children…” as if grownups are simply spectators; but I do believe that children often tend to “get it” more completely than many adults. Just look at them shine!

img_6638SCOUT LABRADOODLE: It’s been a while since I posted a photo of Scout Labradoodle. That’s mostly because nowadays she does essentially the same thing all day long. Sleep on the couch. Sleep by the front door. Sleep on the couch. Sleep in the kitchen. Sleep on the couch. Sleep at the top of the stairs while I work. Sleep on the couch.

It really doesn’t matter where we put the Christmas pillows, she fetches them, rearranges them the way she likes them, then wiggles around until she’s in the exact position for maximum comfort.

We must be getting soft in our old age, because it looks like we’re going along for the ride. Mercy and grace again, always getting the upper hand around Maul-Hall.

I’m okay with that. Merry almost Christmas! – DEREK

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  1. Derek,

    Congrats on 1,000 hits. One day? It took me two years to reach that benchmark. Then again, I don’t post “fresh” material as often as you do. I hope to rectify that very soon. So glad to learn that Rebekah is healing well. Thanks for the adorable pooch pic too! God bless you, your family and your church.


    Liked by 1 person

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