Celebrating “Good Taste Friday”

Look at how good and pleasing it is
    when the family of humankind lives together as one!
It is like expensive oil poured over the head,
    running down onto the beard—
        Aaron’s beard!—
    which extended over the collar of his robes. – Psalm 133:1-2

1-IMG_0968This week’s “Five Photo Friday” post is going to be food. Really, who doesn’t enjoy pictures of beautifully prepared food? Especially when the world is so full of mean-spirited political squabbling and angry social discord that leaves nothing but a bad taste.

So let’s make today “Good Taste Friday,” celebrate the flavor of life, and affirm all that is beautiful.

Last weekend Rebekah and I attended a wedding. It was one of those occasions where we only knew a few of the people there. But by the time we left the reception we remarked to each other that we could easily become friends with everyone we met. Because they were so obviously all good people – which is the truth of it when we scratch the surface of pretty much anyone at any time in any place.

1-DSC_1815So why do we play these sad, unseemly games of hostility and rancor and tribalism?

It is all so unnecessary in this amazing land of opportunity and plenty. Let’s sit down together and share a good meal. And let’s live as grateful people and celebrate all the goodness we are surrounded with.

Peace – in every way – DEREK


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