Five Photo Foodie Friday!

  • Note: The new #Coffee&Scripture feature is not going to replace my regular “Reading Between the Lines” blog, just supplement.

Meanwhile, back at 5-Foto-Friday:

beginnings of a great spaghetti sauce

This has been another good food week. This is especially challenging as I am hovering around 75%-80% complete vis-à-vis my “Comfortable Weight” challenge. These final two-three pounds are not going to evaporate without putting up some kind of a fight in the middle of such great run of eating!

On top of that, Rebekah and I have three dinner invitations with church friends over the next three days.

Today’s mouth-watering Five-Photo-Friday post, then, is going to give a shout-out to a handful of my favorite meals from this week.

Enjoy! – DEREK

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