“Five” photos? I don’t think so! How about twelve?

I try, really. I understand that “Five photo Friday” is a thing, and it would be nice to limit today to just that, but I can’t. Seriously, you be the judge. Is there any image I could have left out?

To be honest, given that this week featured the arrival of “grandchild number four,” I could have gone with 20 at the very least. And, if this was not 20-COVID-20 and I had been able to be in Miami with my camera, maybe 50-photo-Friday. Or significantly more.

Each one has a story, and I have to begin with Geoffrey William.

Geoffrey William is now breathing without help, and he is eating without holding back. All this adds up to going home (in all likelihood) later today. Our daughter Naomi says he is sleeping a lot. I say he’s simply waiting for his official due date and then he plans to wake up and make a lot of noise!

Beks and David:

Next his big siblings, Beks and David; they are seven and nine. They’re both thoughtful, intelligent, vibrant and kind. Beks has an infectious sense of humor while David’s is wry and witty. Here they are, doing school, thoroughly engaged in the learning process.

Proud? Who me? Well maybe a little. Actually a lot. One more reason to hightail it to Miami just as soon as we get the green light.

The Adorable “Mr. T.”:

We all know the situation. Our grandson in Germany – “Mr. T.” – is on-line anonymous. But recently we’ve been given permission to use some action photos that tell a story but don’t show his beautiful, cute-beyond-words, absolutely adorable face.

Read “Mr. T. Goes to Dresden” for more on this, but it’s obvious from these images how much our 15-month-old grandson loves to go exploring with his daddy.

These two photos are from Pillnitz, a couple of days ago. Rebekah and I were there one hot Thursday last August, the day before Mr. T. was born. Click on this link – That Little House in the Country You Always Wanted – for some of the best Pillnitz images I captured on our Germany adventure.

Max and various people:

So Max Retriever is really enjoying his new family. It’s been almost four months now and we feel like he has completely accepted the new situation.

What a sweetheart! Rebekah does a lot of her work from the dining room table and there he is, head in her lap looking for some extra love. Next door with my parents? He turns into this huge ottoman for my mum.

Outside with me? Always sitting down and suggesting one more “master and loyal dog” portrait.

The beard situation:

I’ll finish up here. I’m not quite ready for the “vote up or down” survey, but there is one thing that has me thinking about keeping the fuzz a little longer.

It’s the fact that my mother has come out firmly against it with a strong “NO” (in all-caps) to the beard!

I have to admit as a man in his sixties it’s a rare and special occasion when you can genuinely give your mother a hard time!

– say “yes” to the beard!

At least this time it’s not long hair (the 70’s), and it’s not bell-bottoms (also the 70’s). This time it’s the beard. “I’d like to come over to your house while you’re asleep and cut it off!” she says.

That’s gold, friends, pure gold! Enjoy the eleven photos… and I’ll enjoy the beard while I still have it.


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