Images of life and light

– Derek Maul lives and writes in NC

This week, with family coming in later today and a crazy weekend on tap, I am shifting to “Photo-Thursday.” I am honestly not sure what my posting schedule will be like over the next four to five days.

Fortunately I have some fun images to share. So here goes.

FaceTime with the baby:

First, baby Geoffrey likes to FaceTime with his grandaddy, and he especially enjoys our chats when I play guitar for him and sing.

His favorite, of course, is the “San Fransisco Whale” song. If you don’t know it I may possibly be persuaded to do a rough YouTube version!

I have included a few other Miami photos too:

  • Beks showing off the new “green” ballet outfit that came with her promotion. “She works hard and she is focused,” the teacher said.
  • Geoffrey riding the shopping cart, being adorable, turning heads.
  • David and Beks watching ships near the port in Miami.
  • Geoffrey and the dog, building their relationship!

Then, more from around Maul-Hall:

It truly is good to be in the middle of all these beautiful trees. One of the things I enjoy about springtime is watching all the other homes in the neighborhood gradually disappear as the leaves come out. And, at this time of the year especially, so many brilliant and varied shades of green.

Max likes it too. Standing on the deck watching squirrels, or sitting on the front walk.

Then there is the shafts of light spilling down the stairwell (maybe enhanced by the fact that I generated a little smoke in the kitchen!).

Good food:

Finally there is the question of eating well while staying healthy. Try a good mixed salad, sprinkled with feta cheese and tomatoes, then topped with a tenderloin steak, fresh off the grill.

Let’s see how things shake out with a house full of family. Hopefully I will have something to post tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Love and blessings – DEREK

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