Beauty and Gratitude, an “artsy” Photo Friday

– Beks, always part of the exhibit!

This has not been a prolific photography week for me. There is just far too much crowding in and demanding my attention to take time to look through the lens. A few images, however, have come across my desk and are certainly worth sharing.

I’ll start with the children in Miami. One of the good things about being part of a big metropolis is the access to museums and attractions. In consequence our Florida grandchildren – David, Beks, and Geoffrey – are being exposed to a lot of wonderful, formative, cutting edge learning and culture.

They are now members of Zoo Miami, the Frost Museum of Science, and the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Art police:

This week was their first visit to the art museum and it was a learning experience for the staff. “There’s no need have to yell – ‘DON’T TOUCH THAT’ – when my grandchildren excitedly approach a painting, filled with awe and wonder. They have already learned how to understand and respect art.”

– genuine art appreciation

I’m not completely surprised at the security guard’s reaction, however, as I have witnessed so-called adults who have no idea how to behave. One day in London, when I was showing a college friend around the National Gallery, he stepped up to the iconic Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh and fan his finger across the surface. I was horrified!

“What’s the big deal? I just wanted to feel the texture,” he protested when I grabbed his arm and pulled him away. Today the masterwork is roped off and monitored electronically.

I am so proud of my grandkids. Keep teaching them well, Naomi and Craig, you are doing a great job!

Other works of art:
– Rebekah

Talking about works of art, I believe Rebekah is another exquisite example!

I love this photograph of her with the birthday flowers sent from Andrew, Alicia, and Mr. T. in Germany. It was a good birthday all around, and if you missed my review of her celebration dinner at Poole’s Diner I’d recommend you click here: Birthday Dinner and Poole’s Diner Review.

Our neighborhood is certainly beautiful in mid-July, with the Crepe-Myrtle trees in bloom. This whole section of Wake Forest is full with them. First it was the Daffodils, then the Dogwood, followed by so many Azalea bushes and soon after the Hydrangea. Now the palate has shifted to the full range of summer colors. Just lovely.

This particular specimen has spilled out over the sidewalk.

– Derek Maul lives and writes in NC

Let’s pause, breathe in whatever it is that makes us smile, and take a moment to say “Thank you.”

We are blessed with so much beauty. Grandchildren, one-another, art, the world around us.

In gratitude – DEREK

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