Why Everyone Should Have a “Boxing Day” tradition!

– Silly paper hats are a must!

Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Nehemiah 8:10

Today is not going to be an “explainer” post so much as a documentary. This is simply “How Boxing Day goes down at Maul Hall”.

Growing up in England, Boxing Day brought together everything that was good about Christmas, and then made it even better. It was a time to relax, enjoy, and thoroughly explore all the gifts from the day before. Family, but without the busyness and ceremony of December 25th. Plus all the good food; but even better, in my estimation, than on Christmas Day.

– British pickles

There would always be leftover Turkey, and lots of it; but on Boxing Day the meat was served cold, along with ham. Consequently, cold cuts allowed for all the pickles I loved so much, and there would be salad too. The cold potatoes would become potato salad, but in addition there would be fresh, hot baked potatoes, plus leftover dressing. Then for dessert, mince-pie, Christmas cake (with icing and marzipan), hot yellow custard, and whatever else is available in terms of pie goodness.

Absolutely one of my favorite meals of the year!

Authentic Replication:

Rebekah and I abandoned the standard roast turkey Christmas dinner early in our marriage. Instead, we established the tradition of an elaborate brunch. This year, for example, I made an amazing Eggs Benedict, using Wolferman’s English Muffins, and Rebekah prepared cheese grits.

Consequently, there is no leftover Turkey to use for Boxing Day.

No worries, now I just roast a turkey a couple of days early, then put it in the refrigerator. I guess it’s not officially “leftovers” if we haven’t already had some, but the bird anchors our meal on the 26th nicely. Then it’s a simple matter to add all the other good stuff and indulge!

Silly Hats:

It is hugely important not to forget the silly paper hats! Crackers are pulled sometime around dessert time, and – after the initial explosion and some chasing around after bits and pieces – everyone puts on their stylishly tailored paper hat, brags about how their toy is the best (or, alternatively, the worst ever), and takes turns reading the inane joke printed on a small piece of paper.

It’s tradition, and it wouldn’t be a real Boxing Day without the cheap toys, the cheesy jokes, and the silly hats!

If you have never really observed Boxing Day, I absolutely recommend the practice. There is more to it, of course – but the best part is establishing your own family traditions, building on them, and sharing the joy and the light of the birth of Jesus for another day.

Light and joy, from our home to yours – DEREK


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