Does Food Inflation have to Mean Compromised Flavor?

Why spend money on what is not bread,
    and your labor on what does not satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
    and you will delight in the richest of fare.

Isaiah 55:2

I believe the top “food” topic on everyone’s mind right now has to be cost. This morning I reviewed our retirement budget, a guide we first developed over a year ago, and found I need to revise the grocery allowance upwards by 30%. There have been increases across the board, of course, but food is absolutely the most startling reality check on the spreadsheet!

– amazing burger and steak fries

That said, I am still passionate about food, I love cooking, and I feel that eating a long relaxed meal together is still one of the most enjoyable parts of any day.

Unfortunately – and I hate to disappoint – today’s post is not a magic list of brilliant cost-saving ideas (although all three meat selections were purchased at a discount in the “reduced for quick sale” section in the butchery department). Instead I have been “borrowing” money from other parts of the Maul-Hall budget, because I will confess that good food is pretty much a non-negotiable.

However – and lest you think me completely irresponsible – sticker shock is hitting hard enough that I often walk away from food items I had wanted bo buy. Yesterday I substituted white fish for the overpriced salmon, hamburger meat for out-of-reach steak, and then almonds for the pine nuts I was going to buy for salad.

Here are today’s food photos.

  1. I make all our burgers in slider buns now. We just don’t need that much bread! I served this one with caramelized onion and mushrooms on top, held in place by melted Swiss cheese. So good.
  2. Grilling a tuna steak and serving it on a fresh salad makes for a very satisfying meal. Rebekah and I have a handful of crackers on the side and the result is low cal, low carb, and high flavor.
  3. I will still buy fillet mignon when it’s on sale, but this time I served the steak with tiny roasted potatoes instead of the traditional baked. The green beans make a tasty side.

Okay, so that’s “Foodie Thursday”. And remember, just because food prices are going through the roof that’s no excuse to compromise on flavor, creativity, and – most importantly – the redemptive practice of serving one another and eating together as a family.

Peace and love – DEREK

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