Stunning Beach Photographs from the South of England

 I know that there’s nothing better for them but to enjoy themselves and do what’s good while they live. Moreover, this is the gift of God: that all people should eat, drink, and enjoy the results of their hard work.

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13
– with my Nikon on the beach

Today I am all kinds of excited to share this first set of Nikon photographs from our U.K. adventure earlier in October. As you know, my general day-to-day photography comes from the accessibility and convenience of the iPhone camera that’s always in my pocket. Once in a while, however, I still hang my traditional DSLR around my neck and get a little more serious.

Photography, for me, is another way I get to tell the story. Without story, even the most beautiful images lack something in the way of soul. It’s a lot like the difference between understanding the history and the people behind a castle, or an archeological site, versus looking at just another vaguely interesting pile of rocks.

– Camber Sands

Croquet on the Beach:

– Mr. T with his mallet

I captured this collection of images at Camber Sands in the late afternoon, the day we decided to play croquet on the sand. We walked across the dunes and then out onto the expansive beach at low tide. The sun, heading down toward the prominent headland beyond which is Hastings, lights up the water and the wet sand.

Croquet on the beach is not an exact skill or a precision oriented game; it’s way more fun than that. The game is an invention of Andrew and Alicia’s friend Joe, who has played what she calls “Extreme Croquet” in many obscure sites around the world. Then, much to our delight, Mr. T. loved every minute of the experience and really gave the process his best try.

Some of my favorite photographs are of Mr. T. with his daddy, walking around on the firm sand, enjoying the freedom of being outside with so much room to run and play.

– Mr T. with his daddy

Our grandson enjoyed taking swings at the ball with his mallet, carrying it around purposefully, or using it as a tool to dig in the sand. He waited, he took his turn, he laughed, and he jogged around the perimeter of the game between shots.

Finally, I focused my lens out toward the water and the west, trying to capture the light as it lapped up against the shore with the swell of the English Channel.

This is our world, friends. Let’s make a commitment to do everything within our power to honor its Creator, to recognize both the gift and the privilege, and to keep the creation whole. – DEREK

“Through the dunes and onto the sands…”


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