Saturday just about every photo was a keeper

– me and Geoffrey on the choo choo

Feature image (colorful wall) by Naomi Campbell

Our Saturday in Central Florida did a lot to remind me of how exhausting and fast-paced life with children can be. All we did was go to Disney Springs for brunch and three hours later Rebekah and I were pretty much done for the day!

– Geoffrey with his brother, David

Especially the two-year-old. Good grief that child can yell! But then he is the sweetest most adorable, engaging, and beautiful little boy imaginable. All within the space of five minutes.

I took him for a ride on that tiny train – the one that goes around a small track that could probably fit inside a living room! He loved it. Smiles, putting his hand up in the air, laughing out loud, going “choo-choo-chooooo!” So this may be my favorite photo with Geoffrey yet.

Disney Springs turned out to be a lot like I-95 the day before Thanksgiving. In the morning we had the place to ourselves and then, the moment we emerged from brunch, the streets were instantly clogged with wall to wall people.

The day was so loaded with great photo-ops I have had to set most of them aside to share another time. Today’s pictures are simply a sampling.

Among the “must include” is this one of Craig with the children in his Trader Joe’s. We are so proud of our son-in-law and what he is achieving via his work.


– mum with her friend Lorette

In the afternoon, I fought all kinds of bad traffic to get my mum down to Sarasota.

She has been invited by her friend Lorette to stay for a couple of weeks. They have plans to worship at the church mum and dad attended before they moved to North Carolina, visit with some old friends, and generally catch up.

Lorette and her late husband Neville started Sarasota’s Tabernacle church more than fifty years ago, and were great friends of my parents for several decades.

The house is beautifully situated on Sarasota Bay. It should be a relaxing and restorative couple of weeks for my mum.

– writer Derek Maul on Sarasota Bay

Just another reminder that God’s good people are everywhere, and that life, and tomorrow, and the promise of a future, can all be brand new again – even for someone in their nineties.

At least that is my prayer; not just for my mother, but for each and every one of us – DEREK


  1. I have enjoyed all of your amazing family photos, sweet and refreshing, just what the holidays are about.
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trader Joes’s and have tried to get them to open a store in the Wake Forest area, sadly unsuccessfully.
    We spent Thanksgiving in Ohio where we could easily get to a Trader Joe’s 15 minutes from our son’s home…so we stocked up with some of our favorites. Craig is working for a great company.

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