“Photo Friday” covers Bahrain, Family, Birds, and the Maul-Hall Garden

I’m going to anchor this Photo Friday post with the above image from Bahrain. This is the view from Andrew and Alicia’s new 17th floor apartment! Most of the really great photos they share I can’t pass on, because our grandson Mr. T’s beautiful/impish face is visible. But this one tells the story of the interesting urban topography right there on the Persian Gulf.

Next, keeping with family, here is a great photograph of Naomi and Craig. She is still recovering from last week’s kidney surgery but is obviously doing well. Rebekah took the picture of Beks and I love the natural pose. We have such beautiful grandchildren.

I also really like the shot of Rebekah, right after she arrived back home, very happy to get a cup of tea!

In our garden, the birds are happy that I finally remembered to pick up some more food for them. I especially enjoyed the shot of the cardinal, puffed up and full of himself.

I really don’t have the patience for a lot of bird photography; plus I don’t have a big enough lens. But once in a while I will grab my camera and watch for a few minutes.

Finally, the following from the ongoing project called the Maul Hall Garden. My favorite way to garden is the part where I am sitting on a bench drinking coffee and letting the peace and creativity wash over me.

Yes, there’s some of that, but there is more of the other and this past week, with temperatures in the 60’s and the fresh spring foliage all around, it has been a joy.

Enjoy this week’s Photo Friday. I will be back with more “Words and Photographs” tomorrow. Have an amazing weekend – DEREK

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