Possibility and Promise! My mother, our grandson, and enthusiasm for life!

– Geoffrey talking with Grace

This morning I turned on my computer and found I had no words, no inspiration, nothing obvious to write about. So I looked at my recent photographs and chose this one for a writing prompt.

If you ever want to understand the entire human experience in one short moment, then arrange to hook up a video link between your ninety-plus year old mother with your two-year old grandson!

Geoffrey and Grace; winding up and winding down; brand new full of promise and seasoned, holding onto promise; one building a head of steam and the other running out of it. When she was his age the Great Depression was at its peak, FDR gave his first “Fireside Chat”, Einstein emigrated to the U.S., you could get a new Ford for $450, and work started on the Golden Gate Bridge.

They both gave each other a huge smile. He quickly showed her his “car car” his ouchee his bandaid his koala and the rainbow on his shirt – all while she was starting to say “Who’s a big boy?” He ran away to get something else to share between the word “big” and the word “boy.”

I think all my mum saw was a blur, and when Geoffrey returned she started to ask again “Are you a big boy?” but he was gone for more stuff and that was pretty much the extent of the conversation.

Our grandson is a force of nature! Everything in front of him is opportunity, potential, possibility, and promise. All learning, soaking it in, grabbing everything with two hands, imagination, creativity. Life is a great adventure!

The question, for all of us, is this: “Why should this level of enthusiasm, and wide open willingness to experience life, ever diminish?”

Yes we will all become very old one day, like my mother. But I pray my spirit will ever be on fire like Geoffrey’s!



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