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In all the work you are given, do the best you can. Work as though you are working for the Lord, not any earthly master. – Colossians 3:23

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This morning, while the entire social media network seems intent on jumping into some controversy or other, I think I’ll take a pass. Yes, it’s the Republican National Convention this week; and, yes, there’s enough bizarreitude (my made up word) in Cleveland to go around; but, no thank you, at least for today I’m going to do my best to help us all refocus.

Here in Wake Forest this week I’ve been caught up in the kind of details that often get in the way of creative work. Car repair; messed up computers; uncooperative printers; other messed up computers! However, and as is usually the case, the real life that gets in the way of writing turns out to be something that makes me think, effectively keeping my work more grounded than had I spent the day locked up in my ivory tower.

Out Cold

Rebekah’s laptop – for example – decided to go completely cold and lifeless. No hint of a flicker of light anywhere. Unresponsive. Its eyes rolled into the back of its head and that was that.

She – we – tried all the usual interventions, including taking out and putting back the battery (something that had worked several other times), pleading, begging, various incantations, threats, trying different outlets, and more.

But, this time, there was nothing other than nothing.

Yes, we both agree it’s probably time for a new computer, but Rebekah had been working on a dozen or so extremely important documents that had yet to be backed up in another location. This information simply had to be retrieved.

So – thinking back to the “battery out, battery back in” successes we’d had the previous episodes – I got on line and ordered a spanking new battery. Paid extra for one-day delivery. The battery was delivered just as I arrived home from spending over $1,000 on car maintenance! I was quickly disappointed. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zippo. Nought. Diddly.

White Knight to the Rescue!

lsMy next move was to call a local computer repair shop. “Best we can do is try for a 24-hour diagnostic turn around,” they said. “I’ll be there in ten minutes,” I replied, “and we’ll see what I can negotiate!”

The guy who came to the desk, Colton, was friendly, sympathetic, and encouraging. “I know everyone insists their computer is beyond important,” I said, “and everyone wants the problem fixed yesterday. But there’s one thing I didn’t mention on the phone,” I paused and tried not to look too panicked, “this is actually my wife’s computer and I kind of promised I’d fix it….”

Colton nodded knowingly, then looked around to see if anyone else was waiting. “Let’s take a quick look,” he said.

He tried several different connections, used some voltage finder thingy, but still couldn’t get a pulse. Then he asked me for the new battery I’d ordered. After that he must have pulled out his wizard’s hat and a magic wand, or maybe a set of defibrillators, because the thing started up like it had been injected with ten cc’s of adrenalin, right to the heart!


Gandalf… Colton… whatever (image borrowed from the Internet)

“Can I hook up to your wireless network right now?” I asked. “I’m emailing out all the important stuff before we do another thing!”

Twenty minutes later I headed home with a fully functioning laptop, and a huge amount of respect for the good folk at Xpert Computer Service and Repair of Wake Forest.

Work Ethic

Now I don’t know where my friend at Xpert Computer stands in terms of faith – that will possibly be another conversation for another time – but his work ethic is obviously service driven and not rooted in the pay.

The bottom line here is that, in my day to day dealings with regular people – just like my visit to speak at White Memorial Presbyterian Church on Sunday – I am very much encouraged. It’s an important observation to note in a day where all we want to talk about on social media is controversy, and dysfunction, and general bizarreitude.

In everything that we do (the work we are given, and every opportunity that comes our way) do the best that we can. Work (and play and serve and worship and love) as though you are living for the Lord” (author paraphrase of Colossians 3:23). – DEREK


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