Final Blue Apron Review #foodie

IMG_8387First off, a quick review of our final Blue Apron dinner in the initial three-meal trial. Monday evening I prepared the Chipotle-Glazed Meatloaf with Crispy Potatoes.

The directions were clear, the ingredients first class, and the result delicious. I’ll give this recipe a “B-plus.”

But it wasn’t quite enough for a satisfying balanced meal. So I added some fresh green beans on the side (a spring greens salad would have suited well too).

At first I was wary of the instructions for the crispy potatoes. The directions had me thin-slice Yukon Gold potatoes, then pan fry them in a little olive oil until brown and crispy. This is the first time I’ve prepared potatoes this way, but it was delicious – I’ll certainly try it again.

The meatloaf itself was extremely tasty, including golden raisins in the mix. I was grateful for the heads up on the potency of the chipotle, and backed off considerably in deference to Rebekah’s preference for less spicy foods.

IMG_8382One comical aside. I appreciate Blue Apron’s commitment to organic and locally sources foods. But the label on this single egg was priceless. “Cage-Free.” This egg was not only caged – it was in solitary confinement!

So that’s it. Three meals in and I’m definitely going to order a few more. Kudos to Blue Apron for a very useful, practical, tasty food service. I’ll report back once in a while under the category “foodie.”


(keep your eyes open for my regular post, later today)

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