Foodie Thursday – photos, recipes, and a secret ingredient

– author/photographer Derek Maul

Over the past few days I have celebrated a lot of positives from this good life we enjoy. I featured our church community, the amazingly successful walk to defeat ALS, and a couple of posts around my mother’s birthday celebrations.

Today I’m throwing in more goodness by highlighting a couple of super-successful food moments here at Maul-Hall.

Seared, baked salmon

First the birthday dinner. Last week I told my mum I would cook absolutely anything she wanted – no exceptions. It was a fairly safe promise, as she tends to go for uncomplicated fare.

She chose salmon. Then she wanted boiled potatoes, mixed vegetables, and “one of those wonderful white sauces you make.” Of course there are a lot of ways to prepare salmon. I offered Phyllo-Wrapped Salmon with Spinach & Feta, something I have done before. But she opted for baked.

First I marinated the (Pacific) salmon in a little caesar dressing, seasoned the fish with sage and parsley from my herb garden, then seared it – both sides – in a large iron skillet before finishing up in the oven, under foil. The trick here is to avoid drying out the fish.

Boiled potatoes do not have to be bland. So I found some small (also known as new potatoes, baby potatoes, or creamers) tender, yellow and red potatoes. I seasoned them with sea-salt, and some Rosemary from my garden, boiled until they were done, then stirred in a considerable amount of butter.

For the white sauce I melted some butter, blended in a tablespoon of flower, added a 50-50 combination of milk and buttermilk, thickened, then stirred in a little sour cream, dill weed, and grated parmesan. Wonderful on the salmon!

I rounded the meal off with cheesecake and coffee.


Here’s a serendipity. What to do with left-over salmon? Try a simple salmon sandwich, using a small potato-roll. Heat the salmon, place in the bun, top with fresh tomato and a little ranch dressing. Serve with a few ritz crackers.

Pair this sandwich with a nice IPA and voila, a perfect lunch.

Bread is one of my weaknesses, and consequently doesn’t work so well with my commitment to stay in the high 160’s. So I have discovered the “slider.” Probably less than two-thirds the impact of a regular bun and less than half the impact of the – all-too-common – souped-up bakery buns!

I’m going to save the other recipe for another day. Maybe include it in “Five Photo Friday.”

Till then, happy eating! Remember (and this includes the secret ingredient), just a little creativity, a lot of love, and a festive heart can make any meal memorable.

Peace, in every way – DEREK

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