Making an Amazing Pound Cake with the Children!

– very wonderful pound cake!

The best photographs, in my estimation, are the ones that tell a story, and this week has featured some great examples. Over the past few days I have shared several collections of fun and amazing images from the Spring Break visit with our daughter and her beautiful family. There have been “official” portraits as well as the classic “grandkids in action” shots that always make me smile. If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the links:

  1. Unless You Change and Become like the Children
  2. Family Portrait Day in the Park
  3. Passing it on: Four Generations of Faithful Love
  4. Teaching Faith to our Grandchildren by Living it

Today I have a few additional pictures (and one short video) from Rebekah’s cake-making adventure with the grands.

My actual birthday is tomorrow (March 26), but we did a family celebration Tuesday evening over at The Ancients’ house next door. To that end, Rebekah and the children made me the most delicious Pound Cake imaginable.

Here is a short but vivid video from the kitchen counter. It may be all you need!

The recipe is – essentially – the one Rebekah’s GrandMary used. It involves sour cream, loads of eggs and butter, and a wonderful lemon glaze. And, as you can see, David, Beks, and Geoffrey were all-in!

– a little help with the candles!

I have to say I was impressed all around; with the hard work, with the commitment shown by the David and Beks, with the enthusiasm of Geoffrey, with the completeness of the mess in the kitchen, and – most of all – with the result.

Tomorrow, hopefully, there will be a sliver remaining for the actual day. In the meanwhile, I’m going to cut another – thin – slice to go with my mid-morning coffee!

Peace and light and love – DEREK


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