Coming Out… (as a food blogger)!

Okay, so I’ll admit it: views, likes, and shares are important. I could insist that this space is exclusively about sharing the Good News, or the privilege of influencing more people in terms of how they think, but – even though both points are absolutely true – I confess there is a little ego somewhere in the mix.

Ergo my thought, “Maybe I should be a food blogger?”

I mean, seriously; people love food. People really love food photos. And, conveniently, not only am I a good writer but I’m a photographer too, as well as a halfway decent cook.

I’m already there, a little bit. You can just search through my tags and categories under “foodie”, “gourmet life,” and “food photos”. I have always included the blessing and the beauty of good food among my definitions of the credo, “Living Like I Mean It.”

Filet Mignon and Scalloped Potatoes:

So this week, after a month or three of eschewing beef tenderloin because the price has been jacked up beyond ridiculous, I bit the bullet and actually purchased two nice pieces of filet mignon. Then, looking at the delectable bounty on my kitchen counter, I decided such indulgence needed something really good as a side.

Hence the scalloped potatoes. A-plus, don’t you know. Rebekah even said they were the best she has enjoyed other than her mother’s. Now that is praise I will take.

First – and I did this 100% because I watched Nicholas Cage cook in the (amazing, by the way) 2021 movie, Pig – I cut very thin slices of potato. Then I boiled them, briefly, to get them soft. Meanwhile I melted butter in an iron skillet, sautéd onions, stirred in some flour, and added half-and-half. Next I layered the potato medallions, the onions, more butter, and grated cheese (sharp white Vermont cheddar), before slathering the entire thing in the thickened sauce. Sea-salt at every interval, to taste.

I then baked the potato casserole at 350 for around 40 minutes.

The steak should be prepared however you like filet mignon. Just be sure not to overcook.

Then, while taking care of the steak, I sautéed some asparagus with a little more of the onion.

Filet Salad:

When the steaks come this big, it’s a smart move to cut away a third and save it for lunch the next day. Of course, you have to have enough good salad ingredients available, but oh my goodness lunch is almost better than dinner the previous evening!

Beyond amazing. Simple and with a flavor profile that is just about perfect.

Iceberg lettuce. Chopped celery. chopped carrot. sliced tomato. Sliced almonds. Feta cheese. Prosciutto. Then this amazing fig vinaigrette dressing my friend Resi shared. Finally, quickly sauté the thinly sliced filet mignon and place on top of the salad. Serve with a half dozen Ritz crackers.

Regular Feature?

Seriously, folks, I am considering a regular food feature on this blog, something readers can expect to see every week, like “Photo Friday.” Let me know what you think and I will plan accordingly. Then it could be “Words, Photographs, and Food for the Journey.”

– Derek Maul

I kind of like that. Or maybe “Words, Photographs, and Food for Thought.”

Trying to keep things fresh. “Fresh Food for Thought.”???

Peace, always – DEREK


  1. I’m with Tom, above. Where do I sign up for Dinner with the Maul’s!? or is it Chef Derek? Derek’s words of wisdom are always appreciated, often shared with others (as food should be) and maybe, sometimes they stick in my teeth and bug me, until I loosen them, rechew a little and let them digest in the spirit they are shared.
    In His Love,
    ~Gail Owens…and family!

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a delight to hear from you, Gail! I love cooking and I love great conversation: consequently, dinner parties are just about my favorite way to spend an evening.
      Peace and blessings to you and yours 🙏🙏


    • I would love to have you do a food blog. You should also consider a cook book. Your enthusiasm makes your blogs always great. Steve and I are touring the Holy Lands for the third time next year. We met you in 2012. What a blessing!


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